VIDEO: Smash Bros. Vs Mario Party (Live-Action Fan Film)

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When I came up with the idea with a real-life Mario party while in the shower nearly a year ago I won’t lie. I thought it was a pretty great idea. The last six months of prop gathering, getting new actors, and filming has been one of the most challenging and amazing things Gary and I have ever done. We really wanted to bring back some of the older characters we had parodied a couple years ago. Some characters like Samus we had to re-cast as Kelly had moved to California and some were able to drive up from out of town like Cherokee.


In the end I think this is one video I can really stand behind as funny. At least it makes me laugh. I also need to remember whenever I want a scene with about seven to ten fully in costume characters I need to run away screaming. At one point I was pleading with a pastor who was singing worship songs right outside the loft filming location to walk somewhere else until we finished the scene. It’s at that point you just have to go with the flow and realize the people who drove out of town can come back and eventually things will work out but man did this shoot stress me out. I think with each major project Gary and I get smarter but I also get more ambitious.

For those who don’t know Gary and I both work full-time jobs and try to have a life. Sometimes this is rather difficult with making constant YouTube videos. It’s all worth it though. I have so many amazing fans and great volunteers that are so passionate about Nintendo and gaming. In the end we are all fans and we do it because we want to. I truly love you all.

You can even check out our behind-the-scene video here!






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