VIDEO: ECTO COOLER IS BACK: Hi-C Can & Juice Box 80’s Nostalgia Review

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Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler has returned on Amazon & in stores for the Ghostbusters 2016 movie so we did an 80s nostalgia review. The green juice originally inspired by Slimer from The Real Ghostbusters is back.




A little history..
In 1987 while watching The Real Ghostbusters cartoon as a child I saw my first “Ecto Cooler” commercial and had to buy it. Hi-C released a new fruit juice drink featuring Slimer. It was originally called “Citrus Cooler” but once the slimey green ghoul was featured on the front kids went nuts. This Hi-C favorite stayed around until 1997 and then was renamed Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen. Even after it’s absence blogger Dinosaur Dracula continued to create articles and videos which I read obsessively. Since then there have been Minute Maid ecto e juice, expensive ebay auctions, and even alcoholic drink recipes. In Sept. 15 Coca-Cola renewed the HI C Ecto Cooler trademark and I freaked out.
Since Ghostbusters 2016 was coming out I was hoping they would bring back the green citrus delight. Later in April it was announced that Ecto Cooler would be returning starting May 30th in both boxes and cans. I was instructed follow @Ectocooler on Twitter and Ecto Cooler on social media.


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