VIDEO: Top 5 Worst Pokemon of All Time – Nintendo Unplugged

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I’m Ash Ketchum and welcome to my new live action Pokémon new vlog NIntendo Unplugged series! In this episode I talk about the top 5 worst Pokemon of all time. There are many terrible Pokemon species out there but five really take the cake. You’ll have to watch to find out why each of these make the list.

My top 5 Worst Pokémon of all time are:
5. Skunky
4. Garbodor
3. Swalot
2. Luvdisc
1. ???


Stunky is a small, skunk-like Pokémon with dark-purple fur. Its face is large and rounded, with a narrow red nose, red-rimmed eyes, and two pairs of somewhat “V”-shaped cream-colored whiskers on the sides of its face. Garbodor has the appearance of a pile of trash spilling out of a large, torn garbage bag. Swalot is a tall, purple, amorphous Pokémon. It has red, beady eyes and yellow whiskers. Luvdisc is a fish-like Pokémon with a relatively flat body in the shape of a heart. Loving couples gave this Pokémon its name after spotting it in the ocean waters.

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