#SDCC Trailer Run Down

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Now that another Comic Con is over and all the little nerdlings are back in their warm cocoon of hateful forum posts about female ghostbusters, super hero casting choices, and natural sunlight, it is time for mikeNgary to talk about the orgy of trailers that was released during the weekend. Let us take a look.


Wonder Woman

The first DCEU movie without Synder’s grim little hands all over it, Wonder Woman is making some big swings. The first one is it being set in World War 1. Setting Captain America in World War 2, makes perfect sense because by updating the hero to modern times you will lose his unabashed patriotism and “fish out of time water” element that worked so well in the “Avengers” and the first 10 minutes of “Winter Soldier”. But, having WW in WW1 is a totally different thing. First of all the first Great War isn’t in our culture conscience like WW2 so the connection won’t be there.

Other than the setting the movie looks awesome and 30 times more fun than another Synder has done. Also the character (as witnessed in BvS) is a lot more fun with a warrior attitude. I am cautiously optimistic because DC has not been batting 1000 when it comes to movies, but if “Suicide Squad” does well then I may actually buy my tickets in advance.


Doctor Strange

Looks good. I am sure the fangirls went Beatle Mania when they saw Cumberbatch shirtless. Some parts do look a little “Inception”-y, but at these point Marvel could cast an indie artist hardly any one knows and give her a super hero no one really has heard of and I will still watch it. Wait, they are doing that right now with Brie Larson playing Ms. Marvel? Great.

I am excited about Marvel finally diving into actually magic, none of this “Thor’s magic is just advance technology” crap. But, like I said before if Marvel can make Groot and  Ant-Man work (in separate movies I mean, but that would be fantastic if they were together. Wait, they are doing that right now for “Infinity War”? Great.) they can make anything work.


Justice League

Might as well get done with all the super hero trailers. The one scene that is most troubling is when a billionaire sneaks into a young boys room and prepositions him…..to join a super team. Not because it is creepy, but because it is exactly like the Spidey, Iron Man, AILF scene in “Civil War”…minus the AILF. Also I am worried about Superman coming back and no one caring because he has the personality of particle board and everyone is more interesting than him.


“Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”

I just want to know how after a giant smoke monster attacking numerous cops in the middle of New York magic is still a secret,

Kong: Skull Island

Peter Jackson’s movie was painfully long, but keeping it in the 30’s was a brilliant choice. With this new modern version they had to make Kong even bigger. It looks like Black Hawk Down with a monkey, A Black Monkey Down, if you will.  It has to be better than the experiment in failed expectations that was Godzilla 2014




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