Space Jam: 20 Years of Web Greatness

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Today mark the 20th anniversary of the best sports movie ever: Space Jam. That is right, Space Jam can now buy porn and cigarettes (not that anyone buys porn and cigarettes anymore thanks to the internet and vaping) But, what made it so much better than other sport’s classics like “Rudy”, “Hoosiers”, and “Air Bud: Golden Receiver”? First of all the sexual awakening it causes through the sex pot bunny “Lola” which I am pretty sure started the furry movement. Second, there was Bill Murray playing the role he was born to play: Bill Murray. And third Micheal Jordan who is my favorite basketball star turned “actor”. But, one thing that most contributed to the movie’s success was the amazing website THAT IS STILL UP! Let us take a look at


I know what you are thinking: the horror. This is not a fan made web site. In 1996 some WB executives paid someone a lot of money to do this. That someone looks like a 5th grader who just learned html. Why did they use yellow font against a red background? Also, notice the frames for easy navigation. And the frames are still there when you click links outside of the website. It is amazing .






The text is hard to read with the screen grab but this is a list of radio stations that are currently playing hits from the Space Jam sound track. I don’t think this is very accurate.



Who remembers QuickTime? Well, you can still download these crappy movie clips and trailers. Ok, purple background not the best choice. But, it is much better than the lime green background for the “B-Ball Central” section.


















Remember when sound clips were a thing? When it was a big deal to download 10 seconds worth of sound? And yes, they all still work. Also, there are numerous fun gifs from a time when gifs where something new and different.



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