Freddy V. Jason: The Court Case

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Freddy V. Jason

On August 13 2003 Fredrick Thaddeus Kruger deceived Jason Eugene Voorhees by taking the form of his mother and ordering him to slaughter various adolescents . Mr. Voorhees, being manipulated by Mr. Kruger through shape shifting dream magic, started dispatching teenagers through various techniques such as folding in half, and stabbing. The fear of the teenage community due to Mr. Voorhees actions caused Mr. Kruger to gain full power (which is somehow based on fear) and was able to commit murder through dream magic/razor glove stabbings. The events lead to a one on one battle at Camp Crystal Lake.

Mr. Voorhees is suing Mr. Kruger for 15 million dollars for psychological damages.


King Kong V. Godzilla

On August 11 1962, Joshua “King” Kong was drugged by berries and transported by balloons to Mt. Fuji. There he was set upon Godzilla. Godzilla then assaulted Mr. Kong nearly killing him. Luckily Mr. Kong was able to gain energy from a local lightning storming and fend off his attacker.

Mr. Kong is suing Mr. Godzilla for 25 million dollars and the Japanese government for kidnapping by berries and balloons.

Aliens V. Predator

On August 13, 2004 a group of extraterristals came to Earth and started to hunt the endangered species  Xenomorphs. The extraterristals known as “Predators” used various unfair hunting practices such as: an invisibility device, net guns, and tri dot laser targeting. The most insidious act of the “Predators” was targeting the lone female of the species which was also a single mother of hundreds of now orphaned children.

PETA is suing the Predators on the behalf of the Xenomorphs for the sum of 80 million dollars to go towards a safe haven for the peaceful, acid filled creatures.

Dracula V. Frankenstein

On December 1971, a descant relative of Dr. Victor Frankenstein named Dr. Frankenstein solicited Dracula to exchange an immortal serum for recovering the original Frankenstein monster.

Dracula is suing Dr. Frankenstein for the serum and 100 million dollars.

Frankenstein V. Wolfman

Frankenstein’s monster and Wolfman fight over a woman.

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