VIDEO: Smash Bros. Vs Mario Party (Live-Action Fan Film)

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When I came up with the idea with a real-life Mario party while in the shower nearly a year ago I won’t lie. I thought it was a pretty great idea. The last six months of prop gathering, getting new … Continued

How Jessica Jones Should Have Ended

SPOILER ALERT: In the spirit of “How It Should Have Ended, we animated an alternate ending to the Marvel Netflix series season one of Jessica Jones. Learn what David Tennant’s character Kilgrave really is.    

X Men Apocalypse Trailer – Reaction & Breakdown

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  The X Men Apocalypse Trailer is out! Today Twentieth Century Fox released the X Men Apocalypse Trailer (2016) giving mikeNgary a chance to review it. Both Mike and Gary give reactions to new characters as they breakdown key scenes in analysis. … Continued

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