VIDEO: Pokemon Go – Thousands Attend Downtown Pokemon Celebration

Pokémon GO the new augmented reality game by Nintendo and Niantic for iOS and Android devices was released last week in 2016. I went to downtown Springfield, MO for a huge outside Pokemon Dance Party and found tons of people … Continued

5 Star Wars Games We Wish Existed

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There are a lot of amazing Star Wars Games out there. From’s Atari’s original “Empire Strikes Back” to the recently released Battlefront, Star Wars games have always entertained us. Sure their have been some terrible ones like “Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi” … Continued

World of Warcraft: The First Good Video Game Movie?

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This weekend nerds were treated to the official trailer for the “World of Warcraft” movie.  Here are mikeNgary’s fast five feels : Our confirmation bias siren is going off louder than a Nazgul with tourette’s syndrome. As a fantasy movie … Continued

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