Freddy V. Jason: The Court Case

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Freddy V. Jason On August 13 2003 Fredrick Thaddeus Kruger deceived Jason Eugene Voorhees by taking the form of his mother and ordering him to slaughter various adolescents . Mr. Voorhees, being manipulated by Mr. Kruger through shape shifting dream … Continued

VIDEO: Pokemon Go – Thousands Attend Downtown Pokemon Celebration

Pokémon GO the new augmented reality game by Nintendo and Niantic for iOS and Android devices was released last week in 2016. I went to downtown Springfield, MO for a huge outside Pokemon Dance Party and found tons of people … Continued

What Batman Means To Me: A Geeky Memoir

After a two week stint at number one, “Batman Versus Superman” has been dethroned by one of the worst Megan McCarthy movie in years. Many people have been disappointed in the film and its performance, and I wanted to take … Continued

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